Kyleigh Magness


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Professional Photographer

Let me capture your most precious memories!




As a newly, graduated college student I'm excited to turn my passion into a professional career. Throughout high school I won numerous awards for my photos over the years. In the past years I've been honored to receive around 15 awards from a hand full of different corporations including the PUD and scholastic. You'll be viewing some of my award winning work above. I love to meet new people and capture their memories on camera. I have been so grateful for my friends for allowing me to use them as my own personal canvas and helping bring my ideas to life. I'm located in Snohomish, WA and love the beautiful scenery I’m surround by. I know many fun places to take photos from tiny main street here in Snohomish to the beautiful botanical gardens in Bellevue. Just send me a message and I'd love to mark you on my calendar!